17 November 2007

Business Networking Beta,Bugfixes

Lets Connect! Your Friend want you to get connected on Blink
Ms.X /Mr.P

Welcome to Clink,Blink,Orkut,yahoo360,Linkedin,wayn,ryze,flickr,youtube and many many more ...

These are few messages you might have come across, since Social Networking and Web2.0 Started influencing Common Netizen.

If Social Networks keep you abreast, with family and friends, and making you feel surrounded all the time, Business Networks will look at your Professional Persona, Your Attitude,Abilities,Skills and many more.

Since we reached at a point where Business or Social Network became quite obvious for a person with an e-mail, with profiles of Networkers ranging from CEOs to Common Man, it became further more important to keep your online presence felt through Clear, Confidant and Honest gestures, and activities.

If we start looking at the Network Scenario, We reached, yet we have not quite reached there yet. Let me explain why. There is exponential growth in networks and users, but apparently only 2% of the users contribute, while 10 - 20 % read but do not act. So what is it with the rest,
They Subscribe and Quite.

This is going to change , is changing and will change soon.

This casual behavior, may be accepted in Social Networks but will be bane in Business/ Profession Networks,
because this often explains inability of one in capitalizing, motivation, and driving a team. which are all very essential for an individual looking forward to run Business (Of his own or on some one else's behalf).

Let us discuss this with possible outcomes ...

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