16 October 2007

Chevrolet Spark Review


It has looks, mileage and ?? Nothing actually beyond buzz


I came to See ChevySpark in Sundaram Moters, Bangalore with so much anticipation, for this Chevrolet Spark, with performance that is moderately priced.

what I found is a smally beautiful car with good mileage but let me tell you, This is Not Clearly a Right Priced Car.

GM Realised The mistake they have done (If I am allowed to guess wrong ), and cameup with a discount of 50,000. I am sure Market will go but. google for discount 'chevrolet spark'

not as GM expected, because I strongly feel People won't just fall for looks when they know

what they are investing on is not BMW

Chevrolet Spark, is wrong in two logical ways
  1. They forgot they are targetting small segment
  2. They forgot the competition in the market for much powerful vehicles
Chevrolet spark is not the only Car with looks, though it has its merits like small size which will be a sure + on roads of these tiny cyber cities, and mileage point of view, one thing GM should not have forgot SANTRO,ZEN,ALTO,PALIO are lined up to compete !

Check this out Review

I rate this car

Performance, Engine ***

Mileage ****

Price **

Size ***

Overall **1/2

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