12 December 2007

Its my call

Dear Boys and Girls, Ladies and Gentlemen,

It gives me great pleasure and slight disappointment,to share this good
news with you Slight disappointment because, I am not going to enjoy, the
privilege of being a Bachelor any more, You girls are certainly going to
miss me. Aren't you ? well and guy I am not into competition. Should I say
I won ? or I lost ? Well I prefer to choose the earlier.

Yes, I have not quite mentioned what gives me pleasure, you might have
he filled the paragraph without the reason why he is happy. Yes, Reasons
are many,
My parents, and Her parents have accepted to our plans of getting married
to each other.
Her name is Anita.

Mark your calendars, Block your tickets and plan your trip to my wedding,
Because you will always be a part of my future as you always have been in
the present,
Let this be another special occasion to celebrate and spend time together.

After this long mail, I have not forgotten to mention the date, It will be
on 14 Dec 2007 at 18:30 IST at Hotel Beverly hills, Chennai.

Don't forget to visit again, if you are not member of "We Don't Shutdown
Computers" group. Book Mark and Refresh the page if you are !!

Till Dec 14 .

This is Short time Bachelor counting days

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