20 January 2010

Asterisk VOIP Realtime

First of all to play with Asterisk and its features you need to get the source from
this has details on various modules you might require like Libpri,Dahdi tools for you to successfully compile the source.

One step further if you want to use Realtime Database for your asterisk extensions, users,Caller logs, dynamic outbound or inbound calls you must have Realtime module located in addon section for most of the databases like Mysql , Postgres.

For Mysql or post gres to work there is a dependency on perl database modules so make sure you have required DBI, DBDs installed on your machine.

some useful links for reference are
if you want to go one step further and see video and voice over ip sip.fontventa.com by Sergio will be very useful.

you should have tables named extensions,sip_users etc., and point them in the asterisk conf files.

There is not much difference between Normal Linux installation and on cloud,
Since source headers are not available for your cloud installation of Dahdi fails,
so you can either try installing dummy dahdi that pretty much removes the complexity or
have to do some research on your own.

We successfully used and deployed asterisk, realtime with Mysql , call forwarding , ...
and feel free to reach if you come across some problem that help me in understanding the problem and resolving it.

Happy Asterisk

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