11 September 2008

pidgin 2.5.1 User Installation on Debian from source

I installed latest pidgin from www.pidgin.im, today v2.5.1 from old 2.4.3
if you are new to either pidgin/gaim
pidgin is a multi protocol messenger, which means : you can login to yahoo , msn,icq,irc,sametime,googletalk,... refer www.pidgin.im for more ... using just one client.
windows users : Download and install you are lucky, Linux users ... its fun to learn!
to install follow the steps below.

Following are the steps involved before make for me.
You Don't need to do all of them, but trying will not harm.
if you are impatient use the last one in green should do

./configure --disable-screensaver
./configure --disable-screensaver --disable-gstreamer
./configure --disable-screensaver --disable-gstreamer --disable-avahi
./configure --disable-screensaver --disable-gstreamer --disable-avahi --disable-dbus
./configure --disable-screensaver --disable-gstreamer --disable-avahi --disable-dbus --disable-perl
./configure --disable-screensaver --disable-gstreamer --disable-avahi --disable-dbus --disable-perl --disable-tcl
make test
*sudo make install
make install

good luck !
comment if you need any help.


jd7642 said...

Thanks for sharing the guide. It works on my Ubuntu 8.04.1. :)

Anyway, I have been wondering on how to uninstall self-compiled application like this one (Pidgin 2.5.1), because the entry for Pidgin 2.5.1 doesn't exist in my Add/Remove menu. Any ideas?

vasundhar said...

Dear jd,

Usually If you install to a default directory it will update the existing package.

purge or deinstall

Vasundhar said...

For 2.5.8
./configure --disable-screensaver --disable-startup-notification --disable-gtkspell --disable-gstreamer --disable-meanwhile --disable-nm --disable-perl --disable-tcl