04 September 2008

In the name of God you love and trust ...

God ! Save me from people who restrict you to one religion!

I call you by Rama,Allah, Jesus, or Budha But I know will respond,
often times I might forget or neglect because you sound like a child, or neighbour, electrician or a plumber
and so are they who are fighting, like mad creating havoc thinking you are religious .

I know, may be my experience does not make me quite authentic, but my lord,
you are one, and many ... after all you are not inhuman to restrict yourself to any of these created by us so called civilised human beings, to fill our egoistic minds.

Why did you let these maniacs create religion ? why don't you come back and explain ? I think its time to come down and tell them the truth.

Religion is not an organised way to pray any more ... its dominating God, looking for prey to attack every day for cause illogical to any average mind.

Please help us to put an end to this and be human again.

I know it reached you even before I clicked on publish, but for documentary evidence, which we got used to in all business communications, let me click on this button Publish Now!


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