21 July 2007

Fame to Shame !

Well We are in a new era, where an eligible candidate for any post,
starting from the Greatest Presidential post to a street side leader
is Corruption, Murder and Felony.

This election is unique in many ways apart from much hyped Gender,
This is for the first time 1 A woman will be president
2. This is for the first time a corrupt candidate is given priority
3. This is for the first time worthlessness was added as a major qualification to be a president.

Shame Shame Shame! Its a shame to have a president like Prathibha Bharati,
Immediately after seeing APJ, a Noble Humanitarian , with profound technical knowledge.

All Freedom fighters would have done their Satyagraha against such a shame to My Mother Land.

I feel right time has come to introspect our selves, If we are living in a land of politicians filled with flush ? or Shit ?

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