20 December 2012

Secret Block - That was never mentioned.


Thank You My Son, I thought for a moment, It took almost a week to figure out how I can use,present and make it usable,reusable and adoptable. 

Now Let me tell you the story.

Me and My 2 year old son were playing with the Lego Bricks, Tracks and Trains as usual, while I was trying to build some thing, he was (In my opinion) disturbing the structure continuously, I looked at him and presented what I thought is my point of view. He obviously did not agree and he has got his own Ideas of construction or what ever he may wish to call the process.

Like a typical seller for the product Idea, I pushed, requested, begged and tried to act as if I am angry (which I am obviously not) nothing worked. I continued to play for a while and had to take a break to attend a call from colleague.

I returned after a while, observing if my son learnt to construct or if messed up the half built structure I created before leaving, He doesn't seem to change much but still enjoying what ever he has been doing but only with different tactics this time and different blocks.

Then I asked myself, why ?

This Manual for the Blocks come in 8 pages, explaining beautiful three dimensional images with handsome / beautiful kids as if they are being constructed by them, Here I have a guy busy not seeming to build or let us build any of the structures or shown in those pretty manuals, still happy and may be more happier than the ones in the manual ?

I think this is the problem of growing old/ growing big and expecting every thing as predicted/designed/assumed with expectation of getting the results that we perceive as natual outcomes of the actions we do. That happens in dreams.

Before I loose track of the story, My Mistake was assuming the happiness is constructing a building, while it is in experience, exploration, learning and doing mistakes and doing more mistakes in the process to learn. I forgot to enjoy the process while expecting the out come which My son was doing.

It took me long time, and a small break to come out, observe and analyse to understand it systemically.

This holds true for every thing. When you are in the middle of something people expect you to talk, your clients expect you to provide solutions and may be family expect you to guide. But It will always be better to come out and observe then provide solution or try to understand for better control over the situations.

In Scrabble you have a Blank Tile this is that tile in life, which is never mentioned in management - Take a Break , Sit back , Relax. This gives you both perspectives as an Insider and out.

Good Luck 

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