21 March 2012

4Cs of Entreprenuership

In Continuation to my previous blog post (Say Yes! Only when you mean it!) I wanted to hint on most common factors successful Entrepreneurs have

After little reading and little observation I jotted down 4 of them

Commitment: Commitment should be felt in writing, in words and actions because otherwise its at the best a good intention. Commitment not only makes you think rigorously about what you want to do but also convinces your friends family who should always support and clients.

Conviction: Commitment itself is not enough because Entrepreneurial route, is not a free ride and you may not see success as quickly as you want to see it, so more than any one you should first believe in yourself and your idea.

Creativity: Creativity may not sound the right word, but Innovation is also one kind of creativity which makes users /clients think about your product or service while they ask for USP (Unique Selling proposition).

Communication: You have all the 3Cs above, but unless you go out and communicate about it,its impossible to convince and make a business of your efforts. You need to be your Brand Ambassador, Brand Manager and Evangelist making every possible conversation you have with others a sales pitch.

I am not sure if they are difficult or easy, but feel most essential for me and for many in the Entrepreneurs.

All the very best for your future

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