23 January 2012

No to GoDaddy shared hosting

Offlate this blog has become grievance forum for all the pains.

Like All startups I wanted to host my site on godaddy.com hosting plan which claimed unlimited space bandwidth
and facebook,google advert credits.

There are no indicators saying that is conditional ... I purchased and when I wanted to use the credits .. There were NONE.

I sent a mail to the customer care @godaddy.com for which they said that is valid in only few geographies. I don't understand the point in advertising about those features in India when I am not able to use them.

Its a cheating of higest order, for a service or lack of it which kept on troubling me with the database backend. I think their claim of 99.xx uptime is pure marketing play with no truth in it.

I suggest not to go for it based on my personal experience ...problem is they won't solve despite you suggesting what to do. godaddy sucks.

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