09 October 2011



Steve Jobs Presents to the Cupertino City Council Last Public Appearance 

I want you to watch this, not only because its the last public video available of an amazing person, but for you to know how passionately he spoke, his ideals, not forgetting the details no where in the talk amidst fans (council claims in the beginning of the video) his authority and repeated use of "We".

Steve jobs obviously looks very weak, and appears not as his usual self we saw earlier, he explains how his new design is going to impact with numbers.

What caught my attention, and knowing the fact that he is no more, is "But," he quickly skips to continue his speach which sounded to me as though he knew what was coming.

He said how brilliant the design is, how students and architectects, will come to see the office as the best offices in the world , followed by a "But," (in my words: I will not be there to see that) and quickly returns to the answer.

wondering how a man can sell his passion so brilliantly knowing what is coming is "Death", still not loosing his vigour, and at the end he jokes about the polluting factory "I won't cry if you throw them out".

What a phenomenal hero, can we ever witness another steve jobs ? I doubt despite by optimism.


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