30 September 2011

Why Kindle can ignite the Fire ?

Kindle no doubt is the best product from Amazon, they used technology to make habit of reading green.

With New release of Kindles they did remarkable marketing to innovative product line.

Some noteworthy points are
  1. low memory Yes Low memory of 4GB on a dual core tablet
  2. Unlimited Cloud space
  3. Unlimited content access for 1 month
  4. SILK browser
  5. to add to above Damn cheap price strategy
Let me go one by one (will complete and keep adding as I get more time)
1. Low memory, how can it be a great thing ? because Amazon wants its users to stick more to amazon so what ever content books,videos, ... you are buying is not just the content but for the cloud space and on and on ...

2. Unlimited Cloud follow 1.

3. Yes they know how to tempt you, make you addicted and make you feel want more ...
4. Silk Browser, Analytics , cloud and intelligence to render fast and bind you to the system modelling every move of yours.
5.Damn Cheap pricing strategy, Yes it is very cheap as a device, but can you survive with just the device ? you end up paying 1,2,3 and most importantly 4 your behaviour pattern.

I am excited and also worried

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