15 December 2010

linkedin down

Linkedin is down Officially, they sent a mail to reset my password and many like me.First I thought its weird,then when looked at their blog which mentioned about security breach which might have affected the fiasco today I realised this is not just me. 

following are the links you might want to refer

Blog http://blog.linkedin.com/2010/12/14/linkedin-security/
News Source:http://news.cnet.com/8301-27080_3-20025558-245.html

Tweet : @twitter said they are moving their data centres and problem is probably due to that Not sure if really linkedin is back from the attacks yet or it is really because of the datacenters but its quite interesting to see the changes and measures in realtime while the guys at linkedin are working hard on rectifying it

I noticed some Netherlands servers not responding properly most probably running Sun One Web Servers 

Funny part here is Oracle which acquired sun apparently did not update the links and relevent documentation  so all the links on the support page, of the webserver go no where but to say "Your Requested page / document cannot be found"

Time to refresh and see if linkedin is ready yet.

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