02 October 2010

Business vs Service in India

Jet Lite 

I was travelling by jet lite, low cost version of jet airways from Hyderabad to Chennai.
All these low cost air carriers follow no frills policy, I understand that completely and respect that, but I got problem when there is this steward Gentle Jungle man,was selling water and refreshments while one of the passenger had irresistable cough and was unable to control or breath. and pressed assistence key on the top of passenger and waited some one to attend, but unfortunately their priority was purely to sell his stupid snacks on the flight which he continued to do for 10 minutes or so while co passengers helped the lady with water and minor help which ever they could do at that point.

later after she got stable, came to her turned the light off, and asked "mam do you need water ?  Ok, Let me give you a bottle you can keep!" all in pretty much single sentence and then said 50 Rs only.

I thought what the &*!# is wrong with the service ? do they charge for life jackets too at some point ? if govt does not make it mandetory ?

In my terms Business has its ethics, you can sell water, I don't have a problem with it, but not when some one is dying and needs water as basic need, it should be seen in pure humanitarian terms.

My Question to either jet lite, employees or who ever would be is to know what they think before swiping their cards ? do they forget they are humans ? or do they think they are there just to do the business ? because that doesn't work! may be it works for some time but you can't get any better and will keep loosing customers in no time.

Air Deccan :
I faced it myself with Airdeccan(when it was Still Air Deccan) and also with Jet airways, I get pain in ears which some times gets so intolerable that I have to close my ears with buds or cotton or what ever and my head starts paining. since this does not happen every time I fly, and these were unplanned trips,  I did not carry my travel kit or ear buds I usually carry with me.

Unfortunately I got severe pain in my ears and asked the air hostess to provide me ear plugs or something I can push in my ears to ease the pain,
Response I got was Sorry sir we don't provide that service since ours is a low cost flight. I did not understand since when basic first aid has become service ? and how these guy's value system works professionally or personally ?

I don't know !! where Indian Air line service industry is heading but unless they realise human side of business , they don't deserve to be in the market.

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