02 February 2008

There is so much to manage in a marriage !

I am not sure if I am paranoid, or just cautious about future and responsive ??

My wedding is scheduled: 16 Feb 2008,Its been a great journey so far, helped me to understand every one around me better. but now, I have one more expectation that I am supposedly be living up to, and for this there are No schools, No Books or Experts to Read through. This part of life is called Being a Husband : Commitment,Trust and many more things are taken for granted.

May be I know a bit, and not sure that bit is significant bit which can make a difference in our lives, any small deviation might open new window.

What I want to understand is , Is Managing Marriage is a sub problem of Conflict Management ? Negotiations ?

No Thinking seems to work, Will not know until my calender turns to 17 Feb, May be I will post a sequel to this after my return. for now ... My Dear friends if you are reading my post ....

Thanks and leave your comments if you are Married, otherwise, You Don't know the game yet !

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Kris Tuttle said...

So after the marriage there is no further activity here. I want to assume the best but have nothing to go on.

It's about communication, unfortunately until it hurts.